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Choose your Naruto ninja headband according to your favorite village. You don’t like any of them, don’t worry about it, besides being headbands for Naruto and his friends, you will also find akatsuki’s headbands !

The headband is composed of a metal plate and a fabric band. They are worn by most shinobis and are engraved with the symbol of their hidden village. The headbands have been worn since at least Asura’s time Ōtsutsuki, although there was no engraving at that time .

They complete all the Ninja cosplay of the world of Naruto. Indispensable accessory for any self-respecting shinobi from the rank of genin!

Make allegiance to your favorite village or choose to desert it by adopting a striped headband and live a life of outlaw. What will you choose?

Join the world of Naruto cosplay with these unique headbands.

Technical Specifications

Suitable for children over 3 years old. Do not machine wash, wash the headband by hand in cold water . Made of metal alloy.

Follow your Nindo and join the adventure!

  • Comfort : Lightweight & doesn’t clutter up your hair
  • Soft Natural Fabric for your head
  • Flexible Naruto headband, standard size
  • Handcrafted By Our Craftsmen

Obtaining a Naruto headband can be very easy if you know how. There are many places to buy these headbands from including specialty stores and on-line retailers. The price range is very broad and can vary from under $20 for the basic headband to hundreds for very expensive designs. The price depends on the style of the headband as well as the type of design on the headband. Of course, the more detail on the headband the more it will cost.

One popular type of headband is the very long style. These are usually black with white fringes and can go from one shoulder to the other. These are normally used by female students. They are usually worn as headbands on special occasions like a school event or church.

The short-styled headband is similar to the long style but shorter. It is usually black with silver fringes. There are two basic styles that can be used. One style has a bar on the back that moves up and down. This is known as a “running headband”. The other style has no bar and is simply worn in one smooth motion.

A very popular type of headband is the “scythe” headband. It is a very simple design. It consists of two circular metal pieces that run together. These run from top to bottom and are typically used by dancers to create swirl patterns on top of the head. The headband can also be used in a more conventional manner. The ends of the hair are brought together and the blades are turned on their ends.

A very fun style of Naruto headband is called the “harem” headband. This is a small, yet noticeable, headband that is worn in many religions. There are those who use this style of headband as part of a religious ceremony. This particular headband fits the tradition of wearing the headgear during meditation. When this headband is placed on the forehead it symbolizes mind and thought concentration. It also provides the wearer with the feeling of security.

These are only some of the many headbands available. There are so many different types that it would be impossible to mention them all. To get an idea of the vast selection available, just browse through any major online retailer and you will be able to view the many different styles of Naruto headbands that are available.





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